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Seller Feedback

Feedback for Handbag Sales
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All Members , Moderated
Here, you can post feedback about transactions completed through sell_your_bag and handbag_fetish!

1. If there are problems, attempt to resolve them with the seller before posting negative feedback.
2. DO NOT ADVERTISE SALES. To do that, join sell_your_bag
3. Strictly professional feedback only. DO BE OBSCENE & NO AD HOMINEMS. If you had problems with communication, e-mails, contact, packaging, item description, etc. tell us about them. If possible, include a link to the entry where the item was posted.
4. SELLER FEEDBACK ONLY (at this time 12/20/2004).
5. DO NOT POST PERSONAL CONTACT INFO OR LINKS TO PERSONAL JOURNALS. This is a violation of the Livejournal TOS and will be reported to the TOS Police. :P
6. Repeated offenders will be banned.



To post feed back for a seller use, the following format:

1. Name of Seller (use the lj user tag /lj user="___"\ and replace /\ with < > and ___ with the username. Keep the quotation marks)
2. Name of Buyer (same format)
3. Community advertised (use the lj comm tag /lj comm="___"\ and replace /\ with < > and ___ with the community name. Keep the quotation marks).
4. Brief Item Description. Clearly state whether the item is authentic or a replica, in the case of designer products. You may include the cost + shipping if you like.
5. Comments on transaction.
6. Overall: Positive, Negative, or Neutral: choose one!

EXAMPLE (but also feedback ^_^)
1. Name of Seller vortexshedding
2. Name of Buyer themaskedmedea
3. Community advertised handbag_fetish
4. Brief Item Description. Authentic Coach Plaid Wool Demi
5. Comments on transaction: Excellent seller! Effective communication, honest, responded quickly to all e-mails, quick shipping. Very honest, authentic product!
6. Overall: Positive! x 100000
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